September is the new January


Happy New Year!  No, you didn’t sleep through Christmas.  And yes, I realize that the calendar says September and not January.  But in my book, September always feels like the real start of a new year.  The kids are going back to school, giving them a fresh start with fresh teachers and fresh enthusiasm.  After three months of having the kids home, parents are more than ready for their lovable yet insanity inducing offspring to head back into the classrooms where they can spend their time learning and socializing rather than fighting with their siblings and whinging about how bored they feel.

Don’t get me wrong, summer has been fun.  Sleeping in, vacationing, and generally enjoying a relaxed schedule has been wonderful.  But summer also feels a bit unproductive.  I’ve not been working on any projects, focusing on any goals, and even my to-do lists remain largely uncrossed.  The hot and hazy days of summer don’t inspire or motivate me much.  But fall brings with it a whole new attitude.  The brisk mornings and crisp air makes me move a little faster.  Focus a little better.  I’m motivated to start anew, begin those projects, and make my way down my to-do lists.  Watching the kids grow and learn inspires me to grow and learn too.

So goodbye summer, goodbye lazy days and late nights.  It’s been fun but we’re done.  Hello September!  Let’s get to work on another new year!

Fall Road

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