It’s beautiful, but where do I begin?

In addition to selling polish pottery on our website, we also take our pottery to Pittsburgh area craft and vendor shows throughout the fall and spring.  We are always surprised by the number of people who have not only seen polish pottery before, but have large collections of it in their homes.  Their eyes light up when they spot our tables of polish pottery and they excitedly talk to us about the pieces they already own and the pieces they still want for their collections.

But there are also many people who have never seen polish pottery before and are simply drawn to our tables because of the beautiful patterns and pieces that catch their eye as they walk past.  We always enjoy telling people what they are looking at, how we found out about it, and why we love it so much.  And it’s always very exciting for us when one of those people decides to purchase their very first piece of polish pottery from us.  Often, they will say to us, “These pieces are all so beautiful!  Where do I begin?”

Standing in front of a large display of polish pottery, or browsing the many pages of our website, can be very overwhelming for the new polish pottery collector.  There are so many beautiful pieces and patterns that it becomes difficult to make a decision about what to buy first.  So here are a few tips that might help…

1)  Pattern- There are hundreds of different patterns to choose from, each one prettier than the last.  But keep in mind that mixing and matching patterns is not only allowed, it’s encouraged!  So don’t think that the first pattern you buy is the only pattern you’ll ever own.  You can mix and match as many different patterns as you like.   Don’t over think it, just pick one that you really like and go for it.  It will mix perfectly with whatever patten you buy for your second piece.  I promise!

2) Shape – Polish Pottery is available in everything from plates to bowls, mugs to teapots, and crosses to candle holders.  One of the wonderful things about polish pottery is its versatility.  Bowls make a great first purchase, whether large or small.  Use the larger ones as serving bowls or put them in the middle of your dining room table for display.  The small ones are extremely versatile.  Use them for dips, condiments, or even as candy dishes.

Another great thing about polish pottery is its durability.  Everything is microwaveable, oven safe, and dishwasher safe.  So choose a mug for your morning coffee, knowing that you can safely reheat it multiple times in the microwave.  Or select an 8″ square baker, knowing that you can bake everything from appetizers to desserts in it.  What if you really want a piece of polish pottery but you don’t cook much or entertain people in your home very often?  Consider a soap dispenser for the bathroom.  Or select a napkin holder that will double on your desk as a mail holder.

But the very best advice I can give you is this…select the piece that makes YOU happy.  There are no rules.  There are no right or wrong answers.  Choose the piece and pattern that speaks to you the most.  And rest assured, there will be more beautiful pieces available for you to choose from when you are ready to purchase your second piece of pottery!

Polish Pottery Scalloped Edge Bowl

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