We now return to our regularly scheduled broadcast

First, let me apologize for the time that has elapsed since my last posting.  My life became a bit busy in the months immediately following my Earth Day post.  You may recall a much earlier post on this blog where I talked about the many times my family and I have moved.  I talked about what it meant to live somewhere for more than 3 years (our record at that point).  I referenced our desire to stay put, make our house our home, and settle in.  Well, perhaps putting those ideas in writing was just too much temptation for fate.  Because after Year Four in Pittsburgh, we decided to make the move back to Maryland!  We packed up our belongings again, (along with those pictures I lovingly hung on the dining room wall), loaded a moving truck, rented a house, and started over again in our new town.  We’ve been here for about 2 months, and it’s been an adjustment for everyone.  But now that school has started and our boxes are unpacked, (well, some of them anyway), I’m finding time to resume some of my previous activities.  So be on the lookout for more recipes, more polish pottery, and new stories about our life here in Maryland.


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