The “But What Can I Do With It?” Series ~ #4. Polish Pottery Baskets

Have you seen our adorable Polish Pottery baskets?  The Easter holiday is over, but these baskets are versatile enough to be used all year long.  Yes, that’s right…all year long!  I know what you’re thinking…”But what can I do with it all year long?”  I’m so glad you asked!

Ten Uses for Polish Pottery Baskets

1)  Set it on your dresser to hold safety pins or loose change.

2)  Perfect on your desk for paper clips.

3)  Cute holder for sugar or Splenda packets.

4)  Makes a unique gift holder!  Buy your Mom some earrings for Mother’s Day and give them to her in this basket!

5)  Great place to put all those matchbooks you collect from various venues.

6)  Put it on your daughter’s dresser to hold ponytail holders or barrettes.

7)  Pretty Potpourri holder

8)  Set it in the bathroom for your cotton bowls or Q-tips.

9)  Use it at your next party to hold toothpicks for your cheese plate.

10) Perfect as a candy dish for left M&Ms, Hershey Kisses, or even those left over Jelly Beans!



  1. Great ideas! How big are these cute little pottery baskets?

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