Polish Pottery Gifts for under $20.00

Christmas is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas.  Polish Pottery makes a wonderful gift, and we have some beautiful pieces available for under $20.00!  So whether you are looking for a teacher’s gift, a secret santa gift, or a unique gift that is reasonably priced, we have something for you!  Here are some of our most popular gifts for under $20.00…

1.  Snowman Ornament – $9.95

Our little snowman ornament is even cuter in person!  He’s perfect for your Ornament Exchange party or your office Secret Santa.  We also carry heart shaped and ball shaped ornaments as well.

2.  Hexabox – $13.95

Hexaboxes are a pretty and versatile gift.  They can hold jewelery, loose change, or even sugar packets.  Pictured here in the Ivy pattern, we also carry hexaboxes in the Rhine Valley and Heart and Soul patterns.

3.  Cracker Tray – $16.95

These popular cracker trays look beautiful on any serving table.  Not only for crackers, they are also perfect for small appetizers.  Pictured here in the Anastasia pattern, we also carry them in the Floral Peacock pattern as well.

4.  Unikat Mug – $18.95

This beautiful mug will brighten anyone’s morning!  Pictured here in the Violets pattern, we carry three other Unikat patterns:  Grace, Orleans, and Yellow Pansies.  All these mugs look beautiful alone or mixed and matched.  In addition to the Unikat mugs, we also carry a nice selection of non-Unikat mugs in both bubble and straight shapes.  The retail prices of the non-Unikat mugs start at $14.95.

5.  Snowman – $19.95

This adorable snowman makes a wonderful holiday decoration.  Set him on your mantel, or use him as a table centerpiece surrounded by greens.  His hat can hold a candle if desired.  Pictured here in the Emerald Isle pattern, we also carry the Winter Frost and Old Poland patterns.



  1. These are beautiful pieces at terrific prices!

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