The “But What Can I Do With It?” Series ~ #3. Small Oval Baker

My Mom and I have been asked on a number of occasions how we decide what pieces to sell.  It’s a difficult decision, since we love so many different patterns and pieces.  One of the criteria we use when choosing new, and often more unique, items to sell is versatility.  Can it be used for more than one thing?  Our new oval baker is a great example of a pretty and yet also versatile piece of pottery.  How versatile is it?  I’m glad you asked!

Ten uses for Polish Pottery Small Oval Bakers

1. Serve Banana Splits in them.

2.  Bake single serving desserts in them.  They go from oven to table!

3.  Serve freshly grated Parmesan Cheese in it on Pasta Night.

4.  Serve shredded cheese or diced tomatoes in it for Taco Night.

5.  Put it by the kitchen sink for your SOS pad or sponge.

6.  Place it by your front door as a key holder.

7.  Set it on your bathroom sink to hold guest soap.

8.  Great Q-tip holder too!

9.  Set it on your dresser to hold safety pins, bobby pins, etc…

10.  Serve chip dip or salsa in it.



  1. Trisha

    I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the baking apple I bought from you. I am always looking for unique decorating pieces that are practical too. This looks so cute on my kitchen table surrounded by silk leaves and whenever I want to serve or bake in it it’s perfect for that too!!

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