The “But What Can I Do With it?” Series ~ #1. Hexabox

While living in Germany, I made a number of trips to Boleslawiec, Poland to purchase polish pottery for myself.  I always went with groups of other women, some who had been there many times and some who were making their first polish pottery shopping excursion.  These trips were all pottery, all the time.  We went from store to store, browsing through shelf after shelf of pottery.  Imagine a group of women, picking through stacks and stacks of pottery, oohing over their finds.  But along with the dinner plates, coffee mugs, and sugar bowls, you would inevitably find a beautiful but unusual piece of pottery that you just had to have, if you could only figure out what it was for.  After a while, it became a sort of game.  The question would be asked, “But what can I do with it?” and the cluster of women standing around you would start shouting out ideas:  “You could use it in the bathroom for Q-tips” or “You could put candy in it.”  And for some inexplicable reason, someone always shouted out, “You could use it for olives!”  I heard this “olives” solution so many times, that it became a running joke.  It makes me wonder how many women started serving olives at all their parties just so they could use their newest pottery purchases!

While most of our selection of pottery is easily recognizable, some of it can be used for more than just one thing.  So here is the first in a new series of blog posts to help you answer the question, “But what can I do with it?”

Ten uses for a Polish Pottery Hexabox

1.  jewelry box

2.  corral your loose change

3.  set it on your entry table for your keys.  You’ll always know where they are!

4.  sugar bowl

5. use it as a votive candle holder

6. Q-tip holder in your bathroom

7. use it to store all those extra buttons you get with new clothes

8. candy dish

9. put sweet and low, splenda, etc… packets in it

10.  use it to hold olives at your next party!


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