But can I use it?

The first thing many people say when they see a piece of Polish Pottery for the first time is, “Wow, that is really pretty!”  And then, they immediately ask, “But can I use it?  Or is it only to look at?”  You absolutely can use your polish pottery!  I have used mine every day for the last six+ years and it’s still as beautiful today as it was the day I bought it.  Polish Pottery is meant to be used.  Eat off it, bake with it, and then happily put it in the dishwasher to be cleaned.  As beautiful as it looks in your china closet, it will be even more beautiful on your dining room table!



  1. I love my polish pottery but will not buy any more oven products due to fact all my polish pottery has cracked.

    • What a shame that you’ve had trouble with oven products. I have a few oven pieces myself but have never experienced that. I do know that pieces can crack if they are exposed to extreme temperatures, such as taking the piece directly from the refrigerator and putting it into the oven without giving it time to come to room temp first.

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