My Polish takeaway from living in Germany

In 2002, my husband and I moved from Pasadena, Maryland to Stuttgart, Germany.  My husband’s job was relocating us for three years.  We were associated with the military community and I spend a lot of time with the military spouses.  As I started attending book club meetings, committee meetings, and coffee meetings at people’s homes, I began noticing that everyone seemed to have a collection of the most beautiful pottery I had ever seen.  Almost every piece was some combination of blue and white, and while the pattern varied greatly, the pieces clearly went together.  Everything from coffee mugs to lunch plates, vases to soap dispensers…this pottery was EVERYWHERE!

I started asking people about it, and found out that Polish Pottery was a very popular item amongst military spouses.  They made trips to Poland to buy it, sometimes in small groups of four and other times on a two day bus trip with the USO.  Within 6 months of living in Germany, I too had made my first purchase of Polish Pottery.  And during the 3 years that we lived there, I would make a number of trips to Boleslawiec, Poland to purchase more piece for my own collection of the stoneware.  We moved back to the DC area in 2005, and I brought many boxes of Polish Pottery home with me.  I’ve used my Polish Pottery every day since I started buying it.  It lines my china cabinet, hangs on my walls, and sits in my kitchen cabinets.  It is, by far, the best souvenir I ever bought.


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